MEW doesn't work that well

Hello Rarible,

I am using the MEW app in order to log in Rarible. Sometimes I get in, sometimes I do not. Most of the time I have to close the app and website twice in order to get into my Rarible account. Me personally don’t think it has to do with my connection because I have my phone on a stable 4G and my pc is on ethernet.

Could someone please look into this issue, because it’s driving me insane I have to do this constantly in order to get into my Rarible account. I like using MEW and I don’t know if its on their end or on Rarible’s end. But that should not really matter since Rarible uses MEW as a way of login in. Maybe there are more people with this issue, I’m not sure that’s why I’m creating this topic. I hope Rarible can do something about this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @Chiron,

I use MEW and never had any problem so far.

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Good to know!
I don´t use any app.
I´m going to try then…