Miner fee twice while connect Coinbase wallet to Rarible and

I bought about $100 value Ethereum in Coinbase and transferred to Coinbase Wallet. Then, connected to Rarible. I heard $100 is enough to create first NFT including fees.

But while I try the steps from the above, it charged and requested me to pay miner fees for $17 and $125. When I tried again, $17 fee and again asked me to pay more than $125 or so. I approved to pay $17 twice. I think I did something wrong but I just wonder how I can fix the problem here. If I paid already, the miner’s fees are not refundable to try again?

Thanks in advance for help.


Rarible isn’t responsible for your Coinbase wallet, the category chosen for the topic is not relvant.

I suggest you do a heavy amount of more research before you try to invest in NFTs again.
You only put in $100 in your Coinbase wallet. This means you have insufficient funds to pay for the image you attempted to mint. If you have enough money in your wallet at least for the transaction fee, it will take your money. It should not take the minting fee of $125 since you have insufficient funds.
You lost $34 from transaction fees and it cannot be refunded.

Prices are determined by WEI. The higher the WEI, the higher the fees. Please use this website, by Illuday, for a good estimate on fees: https://raribleanalytics.com/

Thanks, CoconutEspresso.

If I need to do correctly,
#1) I need to pay $17 fee for approving mint (miner fee).
#2) Then, I need to pay fee $125 for mint (it is uploading file & mint token),
#3) then it is done after sign sell order?

So, if I need to try again to create my first NFT, do I need to put at least $125 + $17 in Coinbase wallet?


Miner and minting fees change. It’s not always going to be $17 and $125, respectively.
In your past situation, yes that would have been the correlated fees and it should be done after signing.

For those past fees, yes, you need $125+$17.
I would not recommend paying that much though. There are much better times to post an NFT below $100.

Thanks, CoconutEspresso.

I will check raribleanalytics.com. Also, gasnow site is good to check to find time for lower fee?
Thanks again!

I use gasnow to check a lot, but I also look at other gas price sites to average in my head.
I also have an extension on google chrome that uses three different gas price websites so I don’t need to check all the time.
I mainly like to check raribleanalytics though.

Thanks for information, CoconutEspresso.
I checked it around 12am, the mint price was much lower around $60, and I confirmed for payment. Now I posted my first NFT :slight_smile:

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That’s great! Congrats on posting your first NFT. Use the proper threads to post it since there are a few now. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me.

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