Minted my first NFT and nothing has happened


I’m new here and I minted my first NFT, paid all the fees including a $100 gas fee. It only shows up under “my activity” on my profile and nowhere else. Says I have 0 created, 0 on sale, 0 collectables. You can somehow bid on it, but only on my activity page. (it says Auction 0 in stock, I did mint it with the “instant sale price” and “put on sale” options selected)

Am I doing something wrong or do I just need to wait? My verification was also denied simply because I haven’t created anything yet, even though I’ve already minted something and paid for it. Any help or advice would be amazing.


Hello sticky! Welcome to the community.

This question has been answered rather a few times. Please check the forums with the search bar using simple words to help you find answers.

Your NFT being in Activity is a good thing. This means the transaction has gone through, but it is taking a while to actually load on Rarible. The influx of users and creations of NFTs, the said NFTs are having a more difficult time uploading quickly (it might be because of the gas speed or the influx or both). This can take several minutes, to hours, to days before the NFT finally appears. Please have patience and wait a few days to see if your NFT uploads fully, then it should appear with stock, in sale, created, and collectible if that was an option for you.

As for verification, if your NFT is not fully uploaded (in the created section) then it will count as not having minted an NFT yet. Make sure you have all the listed things in this article by Rarible checked off or else you may be rejected again.


Hi and welcome among us, @sticky.

@CoconutEspresso gave you all the informations.

Keep us updated.

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.


Hey, just wanted to give an update. It’s been almost 3 days now and it still says I have 0 created, 0 collected, 0 on sale and can only view my “ minted” piece in activity still and there’s two copies of the same 1 of 1 for some reason. I’ve looked on opensea as well and can’t find it anywhere. Starting to think this isn’t normal and I should just cut my losses. Feeling very discouraged trying to get in on the NFT world and there’s absolutely nothing to show for it. Wondering if there is any more help or advice you could give me. I appreciate you guys for responding.

Could you provide your Rarible profile, please?

Let me know if you can figure anything out, appreciate it!

Hi I see it’s on sale now, so it was just a lag in the system; phew; Nice piece / nice hat! Hope you sell it.

Hey, thanks! Actually, I just paid another gas fee to mint the same piece again and this time it was put up for sale immediately. Not sure what happened before, but let’s hope it won’t happen again lol. Just relieved to finally have something up!