Minted NFT Doesn't appear on search ! please help

I need some help with a little issue.
I recently minted and lister my first listing.
It appears in my collections and for sale. But it doesn’t appear anywhere else on the website. I cannot find it with the search bar or within the rarible collections.
am I just being a noob and this is normal ? or is there an issue here?

Thank you for your help

I have the same problem what is going on?

Same problem here. It’s like the search function is completely useless.

Even when I decrease the price by 5% and go look into the newest nfts, my listing is nowhere to be seen.
I’m wondering if the ludicrous gas fees were even worth spending on Rarible haha

Same here, it doesn’t seem like a time thing for it to be picked up either.

It doesn’t seem like there is any mod or official help on this forum too.
Is this still active?

If you minted your NFT but not it doesn’t show up on Rarible. Try visiting Opensea and search your NFT by title, it probably already shows up in Opensea.
If you found your NFT in Opensea, check the “chain info” tab and find the Contract address and Token ID. Then copy the contract address and token ID, put it into the URL format below. Then you should be able to see your NFT now. Then press “put on sale”, sign it and the NFT is showed up on Rarible now.
Good luck, this method works on my case at least. Try it!

PS: remove the space between “co” and “m” on the URL address.
URL format m/token/ContractAddress:TokenID

Sample: m/token/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430:123096

Hey, thank you for your help

so it appears in “my sales”. But if I search the exact title or tags on the search bar, or reduce the price by 5% so it goes on top on the marketplace. it is nowhere to be seen or found.
is that normal ? Becase I tried going on other profiles , look at their NFT titles and look them up on the searchbar, and I can find most of them.

Thank you :smiley:

Same problem here, my username wont show in results nor do any of my NFT’s

They do show in Opensea and are all on sale.

Same here. NFT is in “my items” and on Opensea, but does not appear in the Rarible search, not even if I search my creator name. What’s the deal with Rarible? I’ve seen other discussion boards like this one, and they all seem to end with no answer