Minted NFT missing from my profile

Hi, i minted a NFT - The gassfee was 2 dollers more than i had in my wallet su i suggested a lower gassfee .

The transaction went trough and my nft got uploaded but as a white square as if id didnt load. i then waited a bit closed the window and logged in agian to see that is was gone ?

i can still find it under “Activity” as listed but not in my “created” folder.

when i open it under my activity the NFT says “no owners found :(”

Anyone help? :smiley:

Hi @raeil,

just wait. It can exceptionnally takes up to several days to appear.

This issue has been adressed several times in existing threads to please use the search bar before creating a topic. thank you.

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When i check my Metamask wallet i se that “mint failed” so i was unsure if im able to mint it later or if i should do the upload and transaction agian!

If minting failed, you’ll have to start from the beginning.

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Thanks ! i hope this issue will get resolved soon !

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