Minting Failed Money Gone

Everything is working, I get charged…but then, when I click to start minting, it fails.

The worst part about this is that I can not pick up where I left off on the creation of the NFT…so the crypto is down the toilet.

I have tried a few times trying to make various NFTs, some single…some multi…it fails on the minting part every time. It is money down the drain, is Rarible a scam or am I just experiencing some horrible issue? Any help is greatly appreciated!

How can I complete the token creating process for the NFTs I have already started but failed on the minting process? They are not in the “Created” tab. Am I S.O.L.?

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Same here, not sure if something can be done? Extremely annoying and scammy

Can some help me to resolve minting issue? Can I regain the money charged for gas?

I try all solucion like you, il lost 50$ !!
if you find something to back up it
tell us please !!
i am very angry with Thi Blockchain RARIBLE