Minting keeps failing

i’m trying to min an NFT. its my first one, so i may well be doing something wrong. i’ve filled out everything, and the gif uploaded just fine. then when i go to mint it, i get the attached error.

of course it happens after the transaction goes through and i’m charged for minting it. this is the second time i’ve attempted (and been charged), and now i’m simply leaving the tab open, and hitting “try again” every so often.

any clue whats going on? any idea how to fix it? it seems silly to keep spending ETH to do exactly nothing.


This happened to me too.

me to i lost 40$ i don t know if its a scam o not

If you read the description of the first transaction you paid for you would see that it says


Approve performing transactions with your wallet

This includes minting

It depends what wallet you are using. I am not sure why you are getting that error. I have not gotten that error from uploading content while using metamask. However, people are having troubles with Fortmatic and a few others.