Minting rarible NFT on opensea

Hi beautiful people, I wanted to know after minting my NFT on Rarible can I still mint the same NFT on opensea?

Yep but it’s useless as it’s already existing on OpenSea once minted on Rarible


Does anyone have info about the free NFT minting (polygon) on Open sea and does it also then appear on Rarible? Seems too good to be true so must be a catch…

@EddyGK I know a little bit about it. But no they don’t show on Rarible

Personally I feel like polygon nfts don’t hold the same value but that’s probably nonsense because there are plenty of nfts on polygon worth a ton of money it’s just my opinion. as far as minting its pretty easy just go to your opensea profile then wallet menu click the three dot menu over Ethereum then Bridge to Polygon you will need to pay a 1 time fee to mint or buy then its all free after that. But you need to mint on poly to begin with I don’t think you can merge them to poly from Rarible.
But like @sheratan had said all Rarible NFTs show on opensea already so you could just pay the fee to list on opensea.

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They can be viewed on Opensea but you have to list them for your NFTs to be purchasable