Minting & SIgning sell order


I just tried to put online my first NFT art

I followed through the process, then paid the minting price (8$) then when i realised the selling order was 50$ i cancelled the process, but the minting money was gone

I think the selling order cost should be clear even before the minting, so one does not lose money if fees are too high

also, does those fees are always that high ? like 60ish$ (8+50) for each publication seems to be a lot to me, but idk

If anyone can give me some insight or share a link where i can understand the whole process in detail that would be vrey kind

Also, what happened to the minting money ? i did it twice to see if the selling order cost changed, so i lost 8$ twice, is there anything i can do about it ?

thx, lookin forward to dig more into the nft system

i think even if fails the platform fee and eth gas are taken away. Is this true?