Misnomer Categories

Following Items from creators you follow, followers & following, are misnomer categories. Just because i “liked” and added it to my like list doesn’t mean i want to follow the creators or have to see a huge list of other items they have for sale. I have 529 following & 316 followers. 99% i didn’t choose, It seems i made a mistake by liking items.This just bloats the Rarible website with unnecessary junk.
Bid is useless, especially when Eth Gas is high,The seller also gets charged the going Eth Gas Price. I would only buy, sell, mint etc only if Eth Gas Price is very low US$2 - US$8 Gas Fee ,it not worth buying on Rarible if Eth Gas is higher than this. I haven’t bought anything & have rarely been on the site since the eth gas price went up 3 weeks ago.
"Bid " is the wrong term ,it should be " make an offer " Users would only use this if they weren’t charged an Eth Gas Fee for selling an item.
I still can’t get my 3 accounts verified. after spending US$6000 - US$8000
KYC should be implemented for verification.
Not everyone is interested in having Twitter or Instagram Accounts or has the time.