More accuracy on limited editions

I purchased a NFT which was a #1 of 5 limited edition on Known Origin. When it appears in my collection on Rarible it is shown as ‘Exclusive 1 of 1.’ This is incorrect and misleading for anyone who might purchase it from me in future thinking they are getting a super rare NFT.

Yes,it’s not fair. there are quite a few 1 of 1 on Rarible that aren’t 1 of 1,some sellers keep listing them over & over again, I saw about 100 of the same 1 of 1 on Openseas…I bought a 1 of on on Rarible and the seller has relisted it again.There a flaws with this type of Platform at the moment.Plus items need to maybe have a watermark like on “Stockphotos” types of sites.People just like to save photos and gifs if they haven’t got a watermark and post them on Social Media sites.