More ways to browse and discover NFTs

It would be great if there were more/better ways to browse the available works. Right now the features that are available are either focused on price (lowest/highest) or newness - the first becomes pretty useless since people who try to get attention for their works that way just try to either set the price to the lowest or the highest, which makes browsing the works absolutely useless, since the interesting works are usually in a “normal” price range.

Since right now there are no real ways to browse or discover works that are older than one day there is the constant battle for the top spot on the first page, either by minting new works or by taking NFT off and on the market or lowering the price. Both are pretty tedious and spammy.

There is no real way to find artists through the site, who do not use these tactics and one has to discover them through twitter or other external ways. Maybe that is fine for most people, but I would like to have a bit more serendipity and to discover talents who are not just talented in being the loudest and most obnoxious.

A few ideas what kind of search/discovery features I would like to see:

  • A page with just a random selection of works that are for sale, ideally with the ability to filter by price range, creation date, first or secondary sale, type of asset (still image / animated)

  • Improve the search box - it seems like right now it is just doing a literal search . it should also return autosuggestions or near matches

  • A page with links to members’ pages, sortable by number of works sold/bought, likes, followers, total ETH earned

  • A way to browse works by how they look - this would require to run each thumbnail through a CNN and calculate a visual feature vector. After that all works could be searched similar like google image search works and you could find work that looks like other works one has bought or liked


Yes there are many request on Nolt for this to happen.

Right now it is kind of easier to find art NFTs via Twitter rather than using the “Explore” function on the platform : It feels a bit overwhelming because of lack of filtering.

Also with more format supported in the near future, it should be made easier to distinguish the type of NFT you are searching for. That’s why I would support a double categorization for art on Rarible :

  1. Format (fixed, established when minting) : MP4 / GIF / JPEG / 4K / 24K
  2. Genre / Category (metadata or tag to be manually input by ownerr/collector at anytime for helping custommer filtering) : Card / Music / Lo-Fi / Psychedelic / Cartoon / Generative / Abstract … can be examplified as the ultimate music collector resource : maybe some similarities can be exploited.

In addittion, categorizing art on the marketplace would also help curation efforts, be it in-house or from experts in the field.

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these are all excellent suggestions. another useful way to browse is being able to mute content or eliminate certain categories

I just minted my first NFT and I was wondering about similar things after checking the marketplace, it felt like it was doomed to be invisible because for one I’m not yet verified, but I think it was never visible anyway :smile:

I hope there will be more filters by f.e. style of work like “outsider” or “surrealist” etc. Feels very one-sided at the moment and I might as well forget that I have something on rarible.