MP4 NFT's not showing video preview cover

I had uploaded my first MP4 nft and i didn’t want an image cover as i wanted the video i am uploading to be seen moving on the marketplace and not as a still image.

When i had uploaded it, my video does not have a preview. Its just an image of a white camcorder and when you click on it, you can see the video i had uploaded…

Can someone explain why i am not able to have my video be previewed on the marketplace until you click onto the nft??

I would deeply appreciate someone getting back to me

You’ll have to burn that token and mint a new one. When you upload the video and the system realizes you’ve uploaded an .mp4 file the page automatically opens a second upload section for you to upload a cover image. Notice on the right the preview is still blank and does not show your video.

You have to upload an animated .gif as a cover. So you need to first convert your video to gif and upload both files. 30mb limit each. The gif shows on the main pages where its just a preview/cover and the video plays when someone actually clicks and opens your item.


Oh that makes a lot of sense now. I had no idea. Thank you for explaining it to me as I was having trouble. I appreciate it :grin:

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This very helpful thank you @ivanfuego