MP4 NFT's not showing video preview cover

I had uploaded my first MP4 nft and i didn’t want an image cover as i wanted the video i am uploading to be seen moving on the marketplace and not as a still image.

When i had uploaded it, my video does not have a preview. Its just an image of a white camcorder and when you click on it, you can see the video i had uploaded…

Can someone explain why i am not able to have my video be previewed on the marketplace until you click onto the nft??

I would deeply appreciate someone getting back to me

You’ll have to burn that token and mint a new one. When you upload the video and the system realizes you’ve uploaded an .mp4 file the page automatically opens a second upload section for you to upload a cover image. Notice on the right the preview is still blank and does not show your video.

You have to upload an animated .gif as a cover. So you need to first convert your video to gif and upload both files. 30mb limit each. The gif shows on the main pages where its just a preview/cover and the video plays when someone actually clicks and opens your item.


Oh that makes a lot of sense now. I had no idea. Thank you for explaining it to me as I was having trouble. I appreciate it :grin:

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This very helpful thank you @ivanfuego

Yeah I just did the same thing…except I uploaded a still cover not realzing it should have really been a gif…thanks so much for letting us know…if only gas prices were not so high…that’s 40 dollars down the drain…

I did it again…for some reason, the gif I uploaded did not work…and now there is a black image of nothing up…uggggg…guess another 40 wasted in gas?

I’ve got the same issue here

Uploaded a .gif as cover image but for some reason it is still blank!

Please let me know if your issue is resolved, I would appreciate any info I can get!

Thank you so much

Unfortunately, the only thing that worked for me was burning my token…twice…until i got it right…what I think happened was my gif cover image was too large a file…and it showed fine in the preview screen but when I actually tokenized it…it looked just like yours…broken…So I can’t say for sure that the size was the issue…but i did end up doing a smaller-sized animated gif…and that worked…but I’m still wondering what actually went wrong…

That’s odd that it might be a size issue - the gif I uploaded as my cover was only 1.6 MB.
Would you mind sharing the file size of the new smaller gif you uploaded which finally worked?

It all of a sudden started working…so strange…don’t get what I did…

Just got a response from the support team, it says the file must’ve been corrupt because they see a “0 byte” upload

Will try again :man_shrugging:

I made the same mistake with my first audio NFT…

yeah I would totally love to help Rarible create some kind of document that outlined all these type of issues to new users…so they don’t lose as much money as well all have…