Multiple royalty options

I think it would be awesome to have the ability to add multiple royalty recipients, with my photography work, my images often include one or more people. Also sometimes they are deceased (RIP) and I would like to set up a resale royalty for the family.

I think you could maybe limit the total split, but allow to be divided between multiple people.

Just a thought, would certainly help in my field.



I would also love this functionality. I noticed on opensea you can create ‘collections’ where you can add wallet addresses as owners, and the royalties for that collection are split between the wallets.

What I’d really love is the ability to:

  1. edit royalties after the fact
  2. decide and edit what % of the royalties are going where

The purpose: Similar to what was mentioned above. Splitting with creators, collectors or charities.

Following this thread for any answers!