My Art dont shown on Marketplace

Hello, why is my art not find on the Marketplace. i minted a nft and i refresh for a long time the Marketplace about 20 Minutes. i can see the nft in my wallet and under collectibles but not in the Marketplace. can someone help me please?

Are you a verified account?

Because on the marketplace, all the NFTs you’ll see are from Verified Accounts only as a default.
If you click on the ‘filter & sort’ tab and turn off Verified Only, you’ll be able too see more NFTs by people who are not verified. That’s what happened as I am not verified atm

But if you are verified and it’s still not showing up or if it could be another reason to why that’s happening, I dont have the answer for that unfortunately

I do hope this helps in some way.

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Yeah I’m having the same issue! I uploaded a collectible, I even got charged for it, and then was never displaying. Very frustrating!


Same for me!

I just saw this post:

Exactly the same issue minted my first NFT cannot find a trace of it on the marketplace ? I believe I am verified. How do you find out if you are verified? Anyone please advise. Thks

@AFCI: happend with me too. if you are verified then you should see a check mark on your collectible thumbnail.

If u are verified u will receive a yellow badge and email confirmation ,

To find your work you have to change on filter to display non verified work