My Edit profile page has no functionality

1-Hi everybody, I can’t add my cover image no way for days…
2-I can’t add or change my Personal site or portfolio link
3-And it still says Verification declined
Bonus: nft i bought says “This item has been temporarily blocked from public access” and i sent emails but have no idea what’s wrong with it. I respect your rules but people still sending likes and offering bids to my nft that i can’t see. It’s annoying…

anyway hope someone hear me out and help me…I am losing my faith to rarible…:slight_smile:

Hi @Goksel

The forum is not the best way to reach the Rarible Team as they’re rarely here. You must open a ticket.

1- Try to empty your cache and if it doesn’t fix your problem, change of browser.
2- Are you sure your profile isn’t locked?
3- You must received an e-mail for that telling you what’s wrong with your profile.

Bonus : Your NFT is blocked maybe because it’s has been flagged for a reason.

Try to reach the team on Discord.


Thanks a lot sheratan

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Hey Goksel,

I had the same issue with changing my cover. I fixed it just by going on Edit Page, pressing Sign Message next to the email field, and then pressing Update Profile… after that, I was able to change the cover.

Let me know if you succeed.

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Oh my god! Hey georgijevic thanks man! Yeah I did it. By the way are you just a user or a guy from rarible? If you are just a user oh man why rarible guys don’t know this? I tried discord, contact support, mails everything…
I am about to mint a collection and was thinking to give up thank you.
By the way Let me ask you that should i mint it here on rarible or opensea? What you think?

Lol! It was some kind of bug obviously. Probably it was needed action after their website update.

I’m not from Rarible… just a user.

I guess that minting place is the same in terms of your success. If you have great content and you know how to promote it, or platform editors push you doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter which platform you are using.

Cheers, Miroslav

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Thank you very much brother

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