My NFT collection

I created an ERC-1155 collection. Then I minted NFTs (my first time). I made some mistakes so I ended up burning a few of them, but was disappointed when the burned NFTs showed up on OpenSea. So I deleted the collection on OpenSea thinking it would also delete on Rarible.

Also, I wanted to mint the NFTs on a different wallet address (cold storage) but I can only mint on the collection from that one wallet address. I’m so sorry for all this info and am hoping for some help with any of the following questions:

  1. Can I transfer the ability to mint onto that collection to another wallet address?
  2. If not, that would mean I would have to create another collection (expensive). But If I did that, how would I be able to use my original token symbol? I am willing to delete the original, but I don’t think that is possible.
  3. If I can’t use that symbol for the ERC-1155 token, what if I create an ERC-721? Can I use that symbol for that?
  4. If I can’t do any of this, I may have to keep it on this wallet. But since I deleted from OpenSea, I can’t see the tokens there until I list it. To do so, I need “the address of your ERC1155 contract on the mainnet Network.” How can I find that?
  5. Lastly, and least importantly, other than being able to have timed auctions, is there any benefit to making a 721 over an 1155?

This is a lot of questions, but I have been pulling my hair out for 2 days and watching all the videos/reading all the forums and I can’t figure this out. Thank you SO much in advance for your time!

As for #4, when I type the address in opensea it reads: *We couldn’t find this contract. Please ensure that this is a valid ERC721 or ERC1155 contract deployed on Ethereum and that you have already minted items on the contract."