My NFT does not pushed to top when the price decreases

For the second day, when the price is reduced, the work does not pushed to top on the main page! What’s happening?

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Most likely, technical work on the site. It happens

Hi, @ar.tema_NFT

First : a “hi” or a “hello”, a brief introduction about yourself and a link to your Rarible profile would have been clearly appreciated, especially for your first post.

I think you tried to reduce the price of your NFT twice today. Am I wrong?

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Sorry, I was excited. Hello. I have only been on Rarible for 2 weeks and some of my works have stopped rising to the top, with a decrease in the price. I don’t know what’s going on.
yes, you’re right. I have twice reduced the price for this work :

but nothing happened either the first time or the second time
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Welcome then :blush:

To avoid spam decrease to push NFTs on top page, users have to wait 24 hours to decrease the price of their NFTs. Any further decrease meanwhile won’t push the NFT on top before 24 hours have passed after the first decrease.

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Thank you for the clarification. :handshake:
The solution is definitely necessary. Although 24 hours is too much :thinking:

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I guess it’s the only way they found to stop rogue beahviors.