My NFT does not show up on Marketplace

Why is my NFT not showing up on the Rarible Marketplace?

I have promoted the link of my NFT on twitter and reddit. I have received more than 15k impression on my NFT and 250+ link clicks and yet it does not show up?

How are we creators supposed to trust the platform and gain from it after minting the NFT?

If my artwork shows up and gets sold, I will be inclined to produce more art and sell them.

Please provide a solution or a method to get a sale of my NFT. The platform search algo isn’t helping.



Having the same challenge. Its been weeks since my first listing and its still not visible when searched in the marketplace. Make sure to go to filters/sort and turn off “verified only” as it is set that way by default. Even afterwards my piece was still not visible.

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the same thing happening with my artwork but I am not able to find the filters. Can you please guide through?


:point_up: Toggle “OFF” here at the bottom :point_up:

are you using your phone for the app? as I am still not able to see it on my computer.

I have the same problem… plus my NFTS has a “art” badge, even though its music and during applying on Rarible there wasnt any option to choose.


No I am not on a phone. Desktop version. When you are on the home page scroll down to Explore, on the right youll see the filter/sort options. Click that and at the bottom toggle the “Verified only” to OFF

Hmm that’s a bummer. You should start a new thread for that issue.

@here I personally still have not resolved this issue. Please tag me if anyone finds the solution.

Finally got it. Many thanks bro…

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Same here. My NFT is music too and listened as “Art” as well. Hope that will be solved quickly.

whats your profile url?


I’m having the same trouble :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’ve been fiddling with it for weeks and even with verified only off, I’m not showing up anywhere. Nothing I do helps. I agree, why would I make more NFT’s if the first one can’t even be seen! :rofl::rofl:

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Mine have been up for sale for about a month now. I search by name and title, exactly as it’s typed, and I can’t find any of my work… even after scrolling down for 3 minutes.

I’ve been curious as to how the search feature worked. I assumed it’s because I’m still not verified either. I have racked up quite a few badges though lol. Me and the teacher bot are tight now.

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