My NFT Temporarily Blocked from Public Access

My NFT was temporarily blocked from public access for no reason. I emailed support 1 week ago and still no response. It wasn’t nude, pornographic, or violent. Just two presidents are standing in the photo, just that. Can you unblock my item, please? or simply say why you banned my NFT?

Here is the photo:

hi @samurusov, sorry to hear you’re not getting the result you intended

obvs I can’t see the image so all I’m going on is your description here - you say “presidents” but you don’t say presidents of … what?

If they are presidents of the United States I have to ask whether or not you took the photo?

If not, it might have been blocked with the reason being IP theft so you need to now start pushing information in relation to how you have the rights to create a commercial product if indeed you do

Hi @SMARTPopArtist

First of all, I added the photo to the topic to be more clear.

Secondly, one is Erdogan (Turkey) other one is Merkel (Germany) as you can see in the topic right now.

Thirdly, no I didn’t take this photo but it should be taken by me? Also, it has no owner (anonymous photo on the internet).

Everyone is creating tons of NFT with images freely on the internet and no one has any problem if there is no real owner of it. In fact, there are many NFTs that are approved and receive a high number of likes, even though they aren’t the real owners and did not take the photo or video themselves.

To given example look at this NFT:

Is this nft owner nusret or did this nft owner shoot this video?

and finally, If there are such strict precautions and rules, why doesn’t rarible follow the review and approval steps before we pay the fees? Let’s say they make this observation and approve it. Then why is my nft actively for sale (eligible) for months (2-3 months I guess) then removed? If it is removed, what is the reason for it? All aside, what about my deposit, gas fees?

This is not normal. It feels like, they approve nfts like there is no rule, after a while, they accidentally sees it and say it’s against the rules and removes it even without any explanation-reason.

This is the problem.

yo, dude, check yourself - I am a user just like you and was trying to offer an explanation so that you could fix your problem

so I’m gonna answer ‘points’ and then I’m gonna move on with my life and you can call support

you did this after my post - your photo addition is an edit

Merkel isn’t a president, she’s the German Chancellor; the president is Frank-Walter Steinmeier so without the addition of your edited post to include the image in question, you failed to give information to us to help you

fuck yes it should if you don’t want to get taken down for IP theft

just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it has no owner - all you’ve shown here is you’re able and willing to take an image and turn it into a product for you to sell as your own even though you don’t own it; do you hold a license giving you permission to use it? No? Then it’s theft

yeah, and? You think it’s OK because “everyone else is doing it then why not me?”

don’t know, you’d need to ask them yourself

No, the problem is you stole someone else’s work, claimed it as your own, ultimately you got found out and taken down, and now you’re bitching about it

If you don’t want to get taken down then do your own work, this isn’t the wild-west of NFTs

Your original post said:

I offered a possible scenario based on the limited info you gave - ultimately, it might have been taken down for another reason, I don’t know; but don’t get your bitch up at me 'cause you might not have liked the reason; do your own work and be civil to other users


oh, PS - here is the credit for the person who did actually take the photo and a link to the original photo (all of which took me about thirty seconds to discover …)

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You totally misunderstood me I guess :smiley: My problem is not with you. I wanted to make my voice heard from here because Rarible support simply doesn’t reply emails (or reply after months). Besides, it is not fair that some NFTs are randomly taken down and there is no system that meticulously scans all nfts. If there are nfts that continue to get likes actively and some of them taken down because of IP theft or whatever it is, it seems like there is a big problem with rules or system. This is all I wanted to say. Simple.

Thank you for your help.

yes, yes, you’re right - it’s my problem. of course it is.

Calm down bro :smiley: Nobody is right or wrong. I don’t even know you. I think I can clearly explain my problem with my last message.

Also, I was wondering how you found that photo (WSJ link)?

plus, I’m not so familiar with NFT rules. First time to hear IP theft. I’ll do detailed research about that.

and I got your all points previous message. I think you’re mostly right about creating items ourselves. Thanks again.

as I said dude …

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I’m in to give information. Nusret, the creator of NFT that you gave an example. It’s not any anonymous video. He personally put it up for sale and the sale took place.

Wow, I didn’t know that… I should edit my topic then… Thanks.

Edit: Any source of what you said btw?

and who is the owner of my edited photo?

You can look at the sales history of the NFT you gave as an example.

Hi @samurusov

To clarify and sum up some points :

  • No, you can’t pick up a random photo and mint it : it’s copyright infringement and illegal in most countries on Earth.
  • No, we won’t give you any source or owner : it’s your job to do a reverse image search and it takes approximately 30 seconds. My hint, an image doesn’t self-generates : it has a proper owner/author.
  • Unless your NFT was reported, Rarible doesn’t monitor copycats : it’s your responsibility. You paid to mint something that wasn’t yours, it’s too bad for you lost money, but it’s also your “punishment” for your poor choice.

This topic has nothing more to bring, so it’s closed.