My NFT video isn't playing/working - help!

My first NFT and thought I had a badass one - but the video doesn’t show on the website even though you see a sneak peek only. I have confirmed the clip works fine as is. Help - how can I fix?

is the NFT location


Hi and welcome; this statement is contradictory so can you give more info so we can help you

If you mean it doesn’t show up on the website 'as a whole" it’s because you’re yet to be verified - unverified users do not appear in the feed or searches

If you mean something beyond that then yeah, more info please :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome among us, @kdinino

For me, it works perfectly for me if your video duration is about 40 s.

I wish you the best here :slight_smile:

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OMG great! I was so worried. I am new to Rarible and just went through the verification process so hopefully that will change,

Bombed out after a second for me here. Give it time. It will catch up I’m sure.
Things take time to propagate.