My profile page kills my browser in both desktop and mobile

Hey everyone, I have a bizarre problem on my Rarible profile page and I was hoping to get some advice. I have been building my account and the more I add the heavier the page gets, but now it’s at a point where when I load the page on chrome desktop it asks me to wait or kill the page and when I open the page (this page only) on mobile chrome or safari it reloads and then errors out.

Saying errors like, a problem has occurred and can’t open this page.

I have shared the link around and the same issue is happening for others and wanted to bring it to the attention of the Rarible devs.

Here is my profile:

Google is leading me to dead ends and I am stuck, would it be possible to get some advice?

Attached are some images of the errors.

Hi and welcome among us, Luke.

Your page seems corrupted as I crashed while reaching it.

I wish you the best here :slight_smile:

Hey Sheratan, thanks for reaching out.

When you say corrupt, what do you mean? Is there any way I can fix that?

I am new to this NFT world, but am super motivated to progress my skills and give it a good go. But am struggling to effectively strategise on my promotion approach while my page is like this.

Would love to work through the issues and fix my page.

Welcome @milktoast :slight_smile: just tested your site and from my point of view everything seems to work just fine. What was the solution?
Wish you the best on rarible!

Thanks for checking it out @forester and @Sheratan. I have not changed anything and am still getting the same results.

The page (profile specifically) freezes for me until its unstuck on desktop and on mobile it loads, then automatically reloads and then errors out (as the attached image above).

@Sheratan mentioned that my page is corrupted, if we can I’d love to resolve this issue so that I can start promoting my page and my items for sale.


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Off-topic, but I have been speaking to some engineers in there and they have some thoughts that might help us solve this issue:

The page is making a lot of requests to{lots of different paths} and the response time on each separate request is woefully slow.

The images that you’ve uploaded all download asynchronously fairly quickly at the end there in green. But the site is taking ~8-9 secs before it even gets to them.

It looks like an issue with rarible.

You should probably reach out to their support/development team and see if they’re aware of the issue

Images they attached:

I hope this helps, I am loving this platform and really want to work wish you all to solve this issue and keep adding content.


Sorry to hear about your page milktoast, I checked it out. The page seemed load just fine, your NFTs displayed, though I went to interact with the page and my cursor didn’t recognize anything as an object to click on. Hope this helps and good luck!

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Hello @milktoast Have you cleaned your PC, it could be infected with malware.

Hey @milktoast, welcome :slight_smile:

I took a look and the page loads fine for me and I was able to access your individual items so I had a look with lighthouse and it gives a performance error which appears to be linked to your images

What are the computer specs you are using for viewing? This could be the issue as multiple people confirm both outcomes: 1: it works; 0: it doesn’t work; also, are you creating animated images for display and what are the specs for those and your static images?. My PC is a custom build for handling up to 8K video editing and 3D rendering which is probs why I’m seeing with no problems

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Thank you all for your comments, I think things are starting to make sense now. I am wondering if my images themselves are causing the loading and time out issues.

I am new to the NFT world and assumed that I should be uploading the most high level of quality as these will be purchased and have disregarded my normal image optimisation practices.

Is this something that I should be aware of and should I be optimising for loading times even though these will eventually be sold? I guess what I am trying to understand is the balance between the size and quality of the images I upload for sale and the expectations of collectors.

Thanks again, Luke


You solve that problem by creating ‘unlockable content’ - use a good quality image to upload for display (but not a hi res/file - something for web) and when it asks for ‘unlockable content’ you give your files for selling links such as saved at google drive

This is also a great way to offer more for your collector such as several sizes of the piece, artwork description/influences pdf, artist bio pdf etc

i.e. you could offer a zip/rar for the unlockable content and the zip/rar contains multiple pieces of work. I believe I’ve got some unlockables that are around 3-400MB.

Oh - PS - you, of course, sell this to the collector in the description; and be very broad in your descriptions (not an essay but something easy to read) and tell the collector what they are getting, how your work is influenced/what it is about and maybe a bit about yourself as well


Fantastic, thank you so much @SMARTPopArtist and all responses. Thats is super helpful.


Sweet, glad it sorted it out for you :slight_smile:


As the issue is solved, I close the topic.