My proposal to contribute to the DAO (Community, Communications and Ops),

On May 20th, @eric posted open job roles for the Rarible DAO. As someone who has been consistently participating in our calls and community since March, this piqued my interest. To me this sounded like an exciting opportunity to contribute and further embed myself into the community in a meaningful way.

About me:

I’m a multi-disciplinary artist and content creator with a genuine passion for crypto and emergent technologies. I’ve spent the last 8 years producing music/art, touring, producing events (music series and art shows), podcasting (exploring intersections of art and technology), and building networks and community spaces. I am adaptable, collaborative, and relationship driven in my projects. I thrive in experimental and unconventional environments.

Socials: Twitter, Instagram.

My experience:

My involvement in different crypto communities has allowed me to learn and understand the unique ways our space approaches product design and community building. It has also allowed me to network and be mentored by a diverse range of experts and thinkers in the space.

My current involvement includes:

Creator Collective - Creator community within Rarible DAO (with @fractilians)

Songcamp - Music x Web3 experiments

MysteryDrop - Breakbox NFT platform (with @isaacpatka , @GianniDalerta , Owen)

FWB - a lifestyle/culture DAO, active member.

Here is my LinkedIn for more information about my skills and project experiences.

How I plan to serve the Rarible DAO

My experience and interests within crypto are mainly in the space of community and culture. In our previous community call, I recognized this is an area of need (see whiteboard here). This would be my area of focus in this initial phase.

I have already helped to build the creator and community ecosystem of the DAO. Below are some of the things I have helped to establish and what I aim to continue to build further:

Community Management, Communications and Operations:

  • Collaborate with the communications team to brainstorm and execute content initiatives that benefit the community.
  • Engagement/maintenance of socials and discord channels.
  • Partner with other DAO members to collaborate on activities and incentives to encourage participation in the ecosystem.

Creator Relations:

  • Outreach, onboarding, ambassadorship and networking.
  • Develop opportunities to collaborate and engage.
  • Be the point person for creative partnerships and community building.

In the long term, I see myself evolving in a hybrid role that touches multiple areas of the ecosystem.

My hope is to build culture scaffolding that brings the DAO together. A future roadmap can be to establish a thriving community hub, events production, and design incentives/content that continue to encourage more participation from the community.


I will continue to be present in all our community and governance activities. I will utilize current communication channels to give community updates. My DMs (marksimbiotic#2828) will be open on Discord for DAO member inquiries.

My Ask

  • $2,500 Monthly in RARI. This covers my full commitment of 12 hours per week. When workload doubles as expected over time, I will ask to revisit this monthly allocation.
  • A two month trial period will start once the proposal passes.
  • After which monthly allocation would be on an ongoing basis until I resign or the DAO decides it doesn’t need the service anymore.
  • I consider myself an independent contractor and will report my taxes accordingly.

Why fund this?

My aim is to help build a well-rounded ecosystem along with @eric and other members of the DAO. This promotes an authentic and emergent culture to unfold that can build on Rarible’s identity, and can be a space that actively nurtures creativity, real collaboration, and innovative growth. This proposal is an investment in that direction.

“Rarible is designed as the NFT protocol for all, owned and governed by the community” - Rarible Docs.

This statement about the Rarible protocol resonates with me and I believe the Rarible DAO shares the same ethos of community ownership and governance. I believe that developing the community and its culture is necessary to achieve that. Lakshman Sankar has written a great piece about “ecosystem development” which I think summarizes a lot of my aim.

Thank you!


I haven’t been apart of this Rarible community for long. But in my short time here Mark has been extremely active. I really enjoy the news updates on the weekly community calls that Mark does. Those news updates don’t only exhibit his knowledge in the space but also his effective communication skills. That knowledge coupled with his communication skills and his familiarity with this ecosystem should allow Mark to accomplish what he is setting out to do.


Thanks Zach! Appreciate the kind words and glad to hear you find value in my contribution.


Mark has been a great contributor to the DAO. He’s a natural fit and any DAO would be lucky to have him. Will be supporting this!


Thanks for your support, Max. Really do enjoy working with you!


Huge supporter of this proposal! Mark’s skills and experience in the space make him an excellent addition to the Rarible DAO, as seen on the weekly calls I have attended. An active artist with a deep understanding of all things web3, Mark is a top-tier contributor who can help nurture the cultural development of Rarible’s ecosystem.

As someone who has worked closely with Mark in recent months on Songcamp, I can say firsthand that he is an amazing person to work with.


Thanks @chaim appreciate the kind words and your support!

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I’m also another huge supporter of this proposal. I have worked closely with Mark via our collaboration in building up Creator Collective. Mark is a unicorn in space and understands the community, the developer side and is a creator himself. He has been amazing to work with and I hope that everyone supports his proposal!


Thank you @fractilians appreciate the kind words and the support!