My proposal to work for Rarible DAO

Last month, I spoke to Alex and Alexei and offered my services to help Rarible DAO and the ecosystem surrounding the Rarible Protocol come to life. One of the terms of this engagement was that I did not want to work for Rarible corp., instead wanting to work as part of the community (Rarible DAO). As such, below is my proposal to offer my services to Rarible DAO, to help build the rocket ship we are strapping ourselves to.

My Background

You can take a look at my work background here if interested.

TLDR: I’ve been an entrepreneur full time since 2014, and likely one of the first people to be working for DAOs full time in the Ethereum ecosystem. Over the last two years, I’ve been working with teams to design, build, and launch DAOs and incentivizing behavior in communities, while navigating the regulatory terrain. I’ve also been fortunate enough to join Venture DAO, and work with other leaders in the space to deploy capital to early projects, including individuals such as Ameen, Staani, and Peter among many others.

How I plan to serve Rarible DAO

Growing the “Rarible ecosystem” is perhaps one the most important roles in the company right now as Rarible moves from being a single successful product to an ecosystem of projects. Below includes some of my main proposed responsibilities

  • Recruiting teams to build on the Rarible protocol, and helping them navigate the DAO landscape
  • Helping projects succeed by connecting them with others and helping them meet their capital needs
  • Recruiting an amazing team to service Rarible DAO operational needs and growth efforts, and helping coordinate these efforts
  • Being the representative and point person for the Rarible <> Rarible DAO relationship
  • Advise and steer the decentralization process, ensure governance risks are properly dealt with

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been aggressively moving things forward on this front and we are just only getting started. In addition, I will join the Rarible DAO multisig as a Council member as part of my duties. I believe that this effort is central to Rarible growing into one of the largest and most valuable ecosystems in the Ethereum space, which I fully believe we can do.

My Ask

  • Monthly $10,000 USD (equivalent in $RARI) payments. As a comparable, Synthetix DAO pays core DAO members ~20K / month equivalent.
  • 35,000 $RARI vested linearly over 2 years in even monthly installments to ensure long term alignment. This 2 year period will begin after an initial 1 year period without any vesting tokens. This roughly represents 1% of circulating supply, or roughly 0.14% of total supply. As a point of reference for startups, see this article. Vesting will be subject to my continuous service representing at least 20 hours of work on behalf of the Rarible DAO per week and will cease upon the first to occur of: (a) my death or resignation; or (b) the termination of my service through the approval of a termination proposal by the Rarible DAO.
  • I will consider myself an “independent contractor” of the Rarible DAO and will report my taxes accordingly. I will supply a Form W-9, Form W-8BEN or other applicable tax forms to an agent of Rarible DAO to confirm I am not subject to backup tax withholding in any applicable jurisdiction. My compensation may be reported on Form 1099-MISC or another applicable tax form by an agent of Rarible DAO.

Why fund this

Rarible is in a unique position in the crypto space, but the market is incredibly competitive, and we need to attract nothing but the best as part of our ecosystem growth efforts. This proposal should be seen as an investment, that should benefit the entire Rarible ecosystem should I accomplish what I’m setting our to do. With your support, I will lead the transition from Rarible being a cool product with a reward token, to being a thriving interconnected ecosystem of projects. I look forward to working with you all to bring this to reality :slight_smile:


Thanks for offering your services Eric, I think this is an important step to be taken, and I fully support your proposal!


“Rarible growing into one of the largest and most valuable ecosystems in the Ethereum space, which I fully believe we can do.” Yes, yes we can. I firmly believe this and could not have said it better myself. You have my full support Eric.


You are a valuable asset. I think the experience you bring is priceless for Rarible. I’m on board for sure.

I also think you have formulated your approach very well and I don’t see anything wrong with your proposal.

Full support. :love_you_gesture:

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Don’t know how knowledgeable an idiot I am, but I agree with the Knowledgeable Idiot. :rofl:

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Thanks for the hardwork Eric! Really cool to have your support in our projects.

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Thank you very much for this proposal.

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