My twitter stroke is still empty in "edit profile" after every "update profile"!

Hello! I have trouble with link my twitter account. Ive tried it thousand times but problem still exists. My twitter stroke is empty in “edit profile” after every “update profile”! im linked it, check it, and tweet it. I have no problem with my twitter, wallet and already posted NFT. But because of twitter verify problem I cant verify my rarible. And wait more then 2 weeks! !!

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You’re not alone to meet this problem. Try to wait several hours/days, or send a mail to Rarible and hope they answer you.

If you get any clue, I would be glad to hear from you, because I could help others with the same difficulties. :slight_smile:

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.

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ok) will wait good answer for our troubles)

Hi dimdim, Same issue here, sorry I have no answers. No change to twitter after I approve through wallet. endless processing…

Rarity has no fees to change profile correct, no charges to lower sale price correct? Maybe my wallet is to low to process?


Same for me, I’ve tried several times but it doesn’t work :confused:

i wrote to support mail and it fixed without comments day after.

Do you have the contact please?

I had this issue as well. What fixed it for me was after entering my handle (no url, just handle), click check, then update profile. Don’t know if my situation was unique or not.

This works. Thanks!

I put my username in and pressed link and tweeted the verification link - but it did not appear on my profile.

The second time round I pasted the link and instead of pressing on “Link” I clicked on “Check”, which immediately gave me the confirmation message and my Twitter appeared on my profile page.

Where is the “check” you speak of? And you said you posted the link? Do you mean the link to the tweet?

Awesome! Glad it worked :slight_smile:

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Try this: first time round, put your full Twitter link in the box (the one which has “@” sign in the field already placed for you, and click “link”. A box will pop up with a tweet about how you want to verify your Twitter account. Post the tweet and at the bottom click update profile.

Then go to “edit profile” again and for some weird reason you will see the field empty for some reason. Put your Twitter link in again and press “Link” again. This time the box will pop up to post your Tweet, but don’t do anything with the box. Just move it out of the way and in the field, beside the word “Link” you should see the word “Check”. Click on “Check” wait for a confirmation message that your Twitter was verified and then at the bottom click “update profile”.

To be honest I’m not sure if it was a total coincidence, or this is the process for it. Worth giving it a shot if all else has failed.

Obviously be signed in Twitter during this whole process. And if you have already pressed on “Link” before I don’t think you need to do the linking process again. Just move the box out of the way and see if the word “check” has appeared.


Sweet will try tomorrow morning! Can’t get the check option from my iPhone. I see it pop up for a half second when I hit the link button though, thanks for taking the time to direct everyone on how to link accounts! Great write up!!!

Had the same issue. For me filling out the field by just putting in my twitter name without the @ in front of my name solved the problem. (Just saw that @artzero posted the same hint.) Hope it helps. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hey @artzero!

I do not think this was a coincidence and more like a work around :fire:! It worked for me prior to reading your post and several tries, however, it does work at the end.

For anyone having the same issue I suggest going through @artzero 's post!!


Also, credit goes to @Drymandible :grin:

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