New on rarible, how to reduce cost?

Hi everybody!

Today i started selling at rarible. I uploaded two artworks. I was wondering, that the cost for those two artworks seem to be quite high.
For starting the two artworks i payed:

Am i doing something wrong? Is there a way to have lower cost for uploading art to rarible?

Hope to hear from you…


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Yes there is a way to reduce the pricing of NFTs.

Go to your profile and look at the NFT that you want to change the price of.
Next to the NFT there should be button that has 3 dots. Click on the dots and it will give you the option to edit your pricing.

Hope this helped you

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No @kiramarienft, i think he means ETH gas fee.
Its about ETH network fees, you cant lower that for now @RPDA :confused: When ETH fees be low, you’ll pay low fee.

You could change the speed and the fee is lower, but i believe sometimes means that the transactions can be stuck, i would investigate about it, if not like talha said…wait for the fees to go down…as we all are now :slight_smile: