New rarible dao forum!

Hi everyone!

In order to give DAO discussions the room they deserve, we have created a new forum at

This forum ( will remain and will be used for the community. For any future posts relation to governance, post on the new forum. In addition, if you are interested in our governance process or are a RARI token holder, come join us at, as well as our DAO discord:


Hello @Eric,

As this forum is heavily used, does the Rarible Teams will post a digest of the evolution of Rarible here? For most of us, DAO governance is quite complicated to understand hence my question.


So cool, is it possible to migrate proposals as well?


Migration of the most important is possible, which will be useful for the Raible DAO Protocol . The rest can be changed according to the protocol as the community develops.

yeah, we really should. I’ll ask members of DAO ops to look into it @mark @max

Here is the correct discord invite:

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