New to Rarible and experiencing issues with creating an nft

New to Metamask (and crypto) and payments keep failing

Good evenig everyone. I am new to using metamask and have attempted 4 times to post and nft to rarible using their upload service. Originally the gas fee was $88 which I thought was crazy and I did some research and changed the gas fee usinng the eth gas station. When I watched youtube, other people had a $4-8 gas fee and I couldnt get mine below $60. Eventually found out how to change the numbers and did 32000 gas at 141 gwei. and its failed.

Can anyone help me figure this out. I have lost like $30 of ethereum now just trying to make one post. I’m assuming the ETH I used for this is just now gone to internet?

greatly appreciate your help

No, you must pay the going eth gas fee otherwise you transaction will fail. Download “Ethereum Gas Price Extension” or Google “eth gas station” to keep an eye on eth gas prices. Maybe wait till they drop to “under 30” That is not $30. You could try this.
Free gas fees to list. maybe do Test run first ,you could burn the token. Then you could always remint tokens nft’s on rarible at a later date when Eth gas prices drop.

It is a nice lose over $50 trying to create an nft for the first time there should be a warning or something you spend $14 to find out you need to spend almost $100 to finish creating a project. This is doomed to fail what a waste, one of the worst user experience yet!

Check out the different gas price over a day. To me, 90-120 for Standard is an acceptable range.
$4-8 gas fee refers to the ETH price $300-500 maybe (check out the date of the Youtube video you refer to), gas fee raise with the ETH price now.