New to site and scammed by fake acct

So I’m personally ashamed to admit this, but as a new person to Rarible (and generally new to NFT), I got scammed, as a combination of poor u/x and not enough research into how the site works.

There have been a bunch of fake Elon Musk accts popping up. I got suckered into buying one of this fake accts NFTs (twice by accident :frowning: ):

As a new person to the site, I was checking out artists I really like, and then saw recent items added to their collection. I then saw the Elon Musk nft and thought hmmm he said he’s not going to sell it but maybe he didn’t announce anything? So I go to the page for that NFT and see that its been transfered to a lot of artists I admire. I assumed this meant they were purchased, So this seemed like a form of validation; I didn’t realize that they weren’t purchased. Then the number near the top says 410/420 - I thought this meant that there were only 10 editions left, not that this number is counting down (what kind of UX is that?)

So I click to purchase and it warns me that the acct isn’t verified, so I don’t actually press anything in metamask I just close it. I then go to the Elon Musk acct page and it has all these things that make it seem real. Again I feel stupid for being duped but that’s life.

In my fear of missing out, I then went back and bought the NFT. The confirmation page in metamask just showed the ETH for one purchase. However I go to my wallet later and see I have bought 2 of them. Now I’m about 1.6 eth down.

After a second of realization and digging around the site I realized that the other NFTs were gifted, and I’d been scammed.

Upon this realization I reported the profile and NFT to Rarible right away. Nearly a day later, no reply, and I’m sad to see that others have purchased this NFT too.

I was planning on minting some of my own creations on here, but this leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and makes me want to go to other sites which are more curated and have some semblance of customer service and better authentication/validation. Again I admit this was partially my fault, but it still sucks. How can this fake acct still be up and allowed to continue scamming others?


Sorry you had to deal with this. I can understand this being quite the hit in the confidence. There are scammers everywhere, in every corner of the internet. Right now I wouldn’t be surprised if there are millions of people visiting this site daily and thousands more trying to take the scammy way out to earn your Eth.

As much as I think more unverified people on here need a bit more recognition on this site or at least a bit more views than we do get. (I’m not verified yet but I’m working towards it). There are ways to do what you can to make sure you don’t get scammed. Check out their profile, reach out to them if you can. Creep their social media if they have it. See if they have been active on the site other than just selling and buying. I know FOMO is a hard thing to look past but we gotta protect ourselves, our wallets, and our ETH. For some, it’s all they got. I know a lot of people blame the site for not doing their best to sift through all these people but the reality is for one scammer brought down 2 may take their place. Just yesterday there were 2 people I followed because I liked their stuff, today they’re gone, removed from the site. So they do remove people. I wouldn’t discount the site yet, if you get verified on here you may do very well. Good luck out there.


It is always hard to read this things, but sadly you are the only responsible of get scammed or not, is hard but true. Even if you contact with Rarible, they not will be able to do anything with the transaction, just are smart contracts that can not be revoked

As CMMR said, internet is full of scammers, so you need to think twice before do anything and doble (or triple check). Is a hard lesson, but this is life, some stupids need to cheat others for get money (they cant theyself)


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I can’t even view the NFT song I bought. Rarible will not contact me back. I own it, i should be able to do what i want with it. It’s literally being held ransom. This is very scummy of them.

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Totally understand how I need to be better with diligence of accounts.

However, Rarible also needs to be better about closing down fake accounts and responding to customer complaints about it.

I wrote them about the account and nfts as soon as I noticed something fishy. It took them weeks to take it down, giving plenty of time for others to purchase and get scammed too. And took them 30 days to write me back.

who the ducks buy elon musk art, and also to one that has 450 pieces!

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Go to Discord Rarible and post this story, you get responds from Rarible moderators way quicker there in compared to posting here.

I don’t think it’s your fault to get scammed, I think I am dealing with something likewise. More like a person asked me to do something in writing and we set the price to 3.0 ETH and now he changed it to frigging DAI. Very frustrating as I can proof that was not what we agreed upon.

It’s sad, it’s the internet. What today’s win is yesterday’s failure. Try discord and if that doesn’t work, accept it and learn from it. Next time watch your wallet! :upside_down_face:


Went through the same exact thing! Contacted them through discord today… will update if they ever get back to me! I’ve been trying to get some sort of dialogue with @rarible for 5 weeks!