New to the game and got questions

Hey everyone! First off, I’m totally enjoying the NFT creating and checking all the cool stuff everyone has. I do have a question and if anyone can help it would be appreciated. I’ve noticed that the last couple NFT animations I’ve minted aren’t showing the animation when I view them on site. It’s odd because the very first one I did shows perfectly and all the ones after that have showed perfect in the pre-minting stage but not after minting. I’ve gone as far as to burn one token and remint but with the same outcome. Any help would be cool. My page address is

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Im not sure if this accurate or not, but in the last couple of days there has been some strange things happening with profile pictures too. Not sure if they are doing updates creating bugs and such as I have seen new features popup over the last few days.

IDK what to really tell you other than maybe its a bug? sorry.


Hi and welcome among us, @Tsutommi.

There are many bugs for the last four days. Don’t worry. You should try to search your NFT through OpenSea to see if it works properly (and it should).

I suggest you to follow and like peoples and NFT on Rarible if you plan to get verified :slight_smile:

I wish you the best here.

My NEW NFT here, here, here and here (NSFW). My profile is here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.

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Thanks for the help. I’ll just hold fast and hopefully it will correct itself. Also I did check it on opensea and it was still the same. It’s kinda frustrating if users can’t see the preview of something they might potentially buy. Anyway thx for the replys.