Newcomers : Search function before creating a thread

Hi fellow artists and newcomers,

so as to keep the forum coherent, could you please consider using the “search” function before creating a thread?

Chances are 99% that the thread you’re about to create already exists. So the result is a chaotic forum with multiple threads carrying redundant informations and forcing users who try to help and answer to repeat the same things all the time.

Redundant hot topics that do not need a new thread :

and so forth…

Any redundant thread or topic for self-promotion created will be deleted without warning!

Thank you very much in advance.


Nice one , hope this will help lots of question topics ,thank u for doing that :pray:


As some users wonder why some other users like me ask to search before creating a thread, here are some reasons :

  • the forum is sorted by most recents posts, so, basically, you won’t see a similar question which has been answered several days before, but by creating a thread, you create a new answer in the database, which dilutes the chances of a new user to find the answer they need.

  • We are hundreds on the forum, but only a few to answers questions. Believe me, it’s tiring to answer the same question all the time. For the regular users, you’ll notice that many people’s, who used to answer, brutally stopped. Why? Because they were fed up. As I often say, we’re users just like you, not admin nor mod, so we can’t merge topics together. That’s a pity, because it would ease our volunteering here.

  • While I understand frustration, I find quite unfair that certain peoples complain and criticize when they post once every two weeks just to advertise their token and never helped anybody there. To be really honest, I don’t care because I try to be helpful, but I can’t spend my time answering the same question over and over. They’re just infatuated because they may have X thousands followers on any social platform or be verified, but they’re just entitled and selfish, especially when they sell nothing because verification is not a magical spell that makes appear buyers.

  • Using the search bar takes no more than two minutes (it’s now longer because of redudant threads that only a mod can merge, but you may also have noticed that mods rarely (almost never) roam here). If you sort the results by the numbe of answer, you’ll find the result quickly.

Have a nice day/evening/night :slight_smile:


Well said :beers:

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To be clear about several points :

  • redundant threads created by old users or by new users without basic courtesy will be closed without warning.

  • spam posts which are totally off-topic of a thread will be deleted without warning. Please try to stick the topic. A topic is a discussion, not a “free-spamming” zone. If this behavior repeats in time, ALL posts of the user will be deleted regarding they’re off-topic or not.

  • I know sometimes, the NFT world may be frustrating, but keep in mind that we try to help you and we’re users just like you, not member of the Rarible Teams. So keep it cool, especially if it’s your first post :slight_smile:

Thank you all !


Powerful @Sheratan ggwp.

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I just created a thread that has been asked before, but the replies do not help me at all because my issue is still happening, is that ok to open the thread again in that case?

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Hi @westearth

Yes indeed.

Put a link to your profile
Explain your problem with the most information possible


can i see your NFT shop
i realy like the way you help people on this platform


Hello @4-D :wave: @Sheratan links are presented in their profile header here in discussion.
Just click on their Name & you should see the Links :+1:


Hi everyone

Thank you for this list, really helpful, i have a problem as yesterday i minted my first NFT and today it appears with a logo on top saying Burned, i searched through discussions for answers but i’m lost, i spent my first 100$ and my artwork is not appearing.
I will appreciate any help :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards



Hi and welcome among us @CreativeOne :blush:
Give us a link to your profile please

I wish you the best here :four_leaf_clover:

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Unfortunately, you fell in the “owner link” trap. Anyone who clicks on it will be lead to his own profile. You must copy/paste the link with your rarible name at the end.