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I am conducting artist interviews and learning about the story of the artist. We will post an article about you/artist/team on our website and social media accounts. We have a couple of artist already and ton of content ready to get published, some incredible stories. Reply to this message if anyone is interested.

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Hi @Marcrypt,

I’m a fantasy artist and author who create and develop his universe since 1986 on a daily basis. Would you be interested.

My NEW NFT here, here and here (NSFW). My profile is here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.

Hello @Marcrypt,
Well, I’m a paint slanging go old boy from Down South. You can find me using all types of form and texture with a little bit of butter. Mix media is my jam and glue is my jelly so I like to use a lot of it. Art has always been there for me as a voice for the voiceless. I have this drive to bring awareness to other on things that are wrong in this world. I’ve done art on my own pain caused from a drunk driver using me as his break. I’ve also done art that shows you the harm of sex trafficking or the way you wire your kids at a small age can change them forever. O-Dam got all real up in here. I know some times i go there, But for real the final key that brings it all together is the digital flavor! Flavor , Flav ! Sorry I do that some times…
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I was recently interviewed about NFT art and would be keen to hear your questions @Marcrypt