NFT for an NFT!

Who’s down for a straight NFT trade 1-1? I send you one edition of my best NFT (in my opinion), and in return you send me one edition of your best NFT (in your opinion)! I don’t care what your selling your NFT for as long as you created it yourself and you feel it is your best one! Gas fees paid by the sender on both ends! Sounds fair to me? Who’s in!? I figure this could be a good way to gain some traction for both our NFTs and also provide more exposure as more people will have our NFTs and also I get to increase the size of my NFT collection with all kinds of different unique NFTs! I will start with doing 10 trades in total and then see how things go from there! Also feel free to trade amongst yourselves but keep in mind that I cannot be held accountable for any trades that go wrong (ex: 1 party transfers to another but does not receive an NFT). Let’s keep the vibe in here POSITIVE and HONEST! Happy trading!

Here is my best NFT that you will receive:



Ill be happy to trade with you ,

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Awesome! Transferring now… :partying_face:

Ill will transfer once i can find good time gas fees , ill check now the rate

no problem! FYI it cost me $14 USD for fastest transfer

Awesome , is complete , you have one of mine as well

I love it! Thank you! :heart_eyes:

Transfer token gas fees is cheaper than selling gas fees?

Not sure for selling but definitely cheaper than for buying! For buying the asking price I just checked few minutes ago and it was $73 USD for the cheapest option. By doing a 1-1 trade instead, we can all get a new NFT for only the price of a transfer gas fee which is around $11-14 USD right now!

I did my first 2 transfer yesterday, i cost me 9 usd each , today was 12 ,i guess because of time and traffic ,i forgot you can control the speed of process .

Yes you can! It’s very hit or miss tho. Sometimes I chose the slowest option and it was super fast like within a few minutes but other times when I picked it would not be complete until the next day

ill trade you one of these ?

or one of these

Its a pass for me on those options ,maybe @NFTme would be interested since is his post , thank u and good luck

How about a OfficialCryptoCubeMan

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Yes ,ill trade you for that one

ok lets do it i only got enough to make 1 trade at the moment but sounds good

Sounds good ,will work on it @o

here it comes Officialcryptocubeman!

In progress :beers: on my side @OfficialCryptoCube not sure the time will take ,but is progressing