NFT for an NFT!

I don’t know why its taking so long @MixedMedia69
I did average gas like I always do its nvr takin this long

Not sure either , this is my fourt time ,and this time is the longest so far @

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well I guess we wait if for some reason it doesn’t go through I’ll resend it as soon as I have the option

Guess we are getting a lot of action tonight on the ETH network! It may also not complete until tomorrow I would say at latest but hope it finishes soon!

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I hope as well , but i like it , so i can learn the process and the issues behinds


@NFTme @OfficialCryptoCube very happy with the new additions to my collection , i hope u guys enjoy it as well :pray:


I Do thankyou I waited a long time looking for someone to trade with :smile:

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Hey there mine went trought yours you will need to send agaim please

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I keep trying and trying it keeps failing tried about ten times now its not taking the gas and it doesn’t go through no error msg it just stops idk I could try this one instead.
or just keep trying officialcryptocubeman ?

Hey there before trying to send anew piece , lets wait until tomorrow , i just visited and keeps saying is transfering

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That’s because I keep retrying every hour or two it just stops then I try again but I’m sure if I keep trying eventually It’s gonna go through. :crossed_fingers: :pray:

I guess u should try with a diferent one

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I hope you get yours! @MixedMedia69

Also this room is still VALID so for anyone interested in doing 1 for 1 trades to increase your NFT collection then please leave a message here!

FYI I’ve done 2 trades the past few days and the average gas fees to transfer was about $10-14 USD which is amazing in my opinion compared to paying $70+ in gas alone to outright buy NFTs at the asking price. Cheers!

Thank you , was afraid to step on your post

Check My Profile here

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He was trying to send me an NFT yesterday as well (the one we both rejected lol) but it did not go through so likely he is having some transfer issues or he could of just bailed. Unfortunately you will run into some people that may not be very trustworthy so you will have to assess each person case by case.

Im hopping @OfficialCryptoCube will keep his words , i dont think it will be any good for him getting bad reputation in a comunity , time will tell :thinking:


I Don’t think it does any good for your reputation to be saying things like that. When you can clearly see I’m trying everything I Can I have been trying none stop for like 48 hrs

I will take your word for it for the time being in regards to your issues with transferring, but you also attempted to send me a “joke” NFT after I transferred a “real” NFT to you. I found that to be quite unprofessional and tells me you are not taking this very seriously.

wtf I tried to send you a real NFT as a test to see if I could send to another person or not
didn’t work and you just confirmed that I tried.

You’re telling me you consider this a “real” NFT and not some joke?