Nft minted, but no show

Hi, I minted 3 NFT’s, 4 weeks ago. There is no picture of the NFT - just shows a broken link and all are showing as collectibles and created.
I’ve sent support four requests for help (ref: 2175, 9333, 7931, 7296).
Nothing resolved.
Please help.


I also recently published 3 nfts, but all of them are displayed as broken links and the video does not appear normally. You need a way to solve it.

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Check you “activity” section. I have the problkem with one of my NFT which is a black tile on my “created” section but appears only in “activity”.

It was in a transaction. Now it is displayed normally. However, the following two are not displayed properly. I don’t know the cause of this problem.



The site is encountering technical issues for now. We have to wait for them to fix them.