NFT Not showing up

Hi Everyone,
First I want to say that I’m very excited about the NFT / CryptoArt scene. I’m a professional artist for films and games production and I wanted to give a try to this scene by creating my first NFT.

So I’ve followed the overall process and I have the transaction link confirmed. I’m using Fortmatic if that can help.

The only thing left now is that there the Artwork doesn’t show up. Sorry to say but I feel like the overall exeperience isn’t super user friendly and it seems that there is no way to reach the support team somehow. I’ve also been asked like 3 times to add funds, which I did until I reached 35$ worth of ETH and it finally paid 8$ to “publish” it.


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Hi, I have the same thing happening. Did you ever get an answer? Have your creations appeared now?


Hi ! Same problem here ! Have you found any solution ?


I am currently having the same problem. The fees were deducted from my wallet almost an hour ago now. No NFT in my Account yet. Not really sure where this leaves me. Did you guys ever get your NFT?


Nope, I think it’s common problem here, support team is just pure trash… They don’t give a F$@!k


Super annoying.
Rarible support where are you?


You have paid for an approval process

That means that you sent a transaction that allows Rarible to mint NFTs with your balance. This is a one time fee and is standard for applications on Ethereum. Afterwards you do not have to approve again unless for a different style.

For example, single and multiples are different and require separate transactions allowing approval.

After that you can mint NFTs and only pay the miner fee involved.

There is a Discord you can join to ask questions. I have been answering a ton in there and I didn’t realize many were also asked here.

Fortmatic is also notorious for being a terrible wallet to interact with applications on Ethereum. Metamask is a preferred wallet to use. Fortmatic often does not calculate the gas cost properly and therefore costs people more money. This is an infrastructure issue. Because many applications get upgraded before wallets or vice versa.

yeah formatic is buggy, just lost 15usd during the 1st minting process of approval. But why is there no option to do it straight from metamask like they had before back in december?

Open sea did the same to me without asking if i wantesd to partial pay or not

It seeks that if you dont for atleast 1 ethum might as well not even do it