NFT preview image frozen, help?

Hi everyone, Yesterday I minted a new art video “Moon Dance - Stop Motion animation”, but it seemed to not display quit right after it was minted. I left it for few hours and when I checked back, it had uploaded and minted but the “preview” animation a webP video loop seems to not animate and frozen on first frame? any suggestions or do I need to re-mint?

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Happy to tell you that the animation is working fine from a viewers perspective!

Oh, ok, thanks JayComtois that’s strange I’ve checked on mobile and incognito browser and it still shows as frozen image, maybe it’s caching issue my end?

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idk but I saw the whole thing!

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mines frozen too

I have this same issue. Spent $50 minting mine.

Does anyone from Rarible actually answer questions on these boards? I’ve had a support ticket open for 17 days.

I can check this end, post your NFT link and I’ll check. Mine is frozen but have had other members say it works fine, could be a server caching issue somewhere?