NFT removed with no explanation

The NFT I purchased from your smart contract is being blocked by your UI. I still can access the token but it’s a shame that you remove access from front end and don’t provide any reasoning to the email of the owner. You also ignored my emails to your support and have not gotten any response. Shall I doubt your platform competency?

Token in question:


Really,??? They Blocked the NFT which you purchased !!! How much did you pay for that?
is this site scam???

Sorry to hear that man. It’s frustrating when technology behaves this way. The good news is that email notifications are being added from the Developer team (which, myself included) know that it will make these scenarios easier to manage going forward. As with any technology, bugs are to be expected - doesn’t make it any less frustrating. That said, have you tried submitting your support request here: (this is your best bet, the support team is absolutely swamped right now)

I def wouldn’t doubt the competency, if you’re minting NFTs - this is where you want to do it. Give it a few days to sort itself out. I’ll mark a follow up on this thread for myself too.


Yes I have contacted their support more than a week ago and they have not responded.

I am surprised that in the so called decentralized web they are enforcing authoritative rules using their UI. Token is still available on network layer but I though it’s only facebook who does that.

Regardless of why they have decided to block the asset, my profile had an email that they should have send something indicating an event. Not to block and keep silent. Whoever pressed the button to block, could press other buttons to explain why, while investigating.

What they did in return was to block the asset and put the burden of follow up on my shoulders, same pain we are all experiencing in centralized web.

Even if we don’t reduce competency points, sentiments points should be reduced by a lot.

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I paid 4ETH. I don’t think they are scam atm since many people are using it, but their blocking practices should be a red flag

4 ETH gone!!! that’s not a red flag bro that’s a scam, do you have the prove of your transaction? did they explain why blocked from UI?

oh I see now, Its temporary blocked , was it porn?

Yes I do have the transaction on the network. No it was not porn. No they have not provided reasons.

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I have same issue, all my NFTs are locked and I can not get response from support since more than 2 weeks ago.

There is no way to contact with anyone that can check this cases? I am agree that if someone do bad practices can be blocked, but in our case not have sense.

I hope your problem can be fixed soon,

Items blocked:

10 days passed from the day of posting here. It was almost a week after first time contacting them so fair to say ~20 days passed and no response. As a collector I see this as negative impact on my business.

Wow, this is not good. Keep us posted on any changes or communication!

This will be my last attempt to contact Rarible moderation team and respectfully last NFT purchased from this platform.

As a developer experienced in dApps and crypto space, I am giving warning to fellow collectors that your inventory will be neglected by this team. Try other platforms!

I feel you! Went through a very similar issue, still no response after 5 weeks… also every time I try to post, or do post, an NFT it takes about 3-4 mint/burns before my NFT doesn’t show a broken image! Looking at other options for nft sites! Any suggestions?

@Unnamed, yeah I get the broken image thing too - it usually resolves itself after time but there is no pattern to the the delay

Links to my Rarible and my Instagram and my Website

I always post my art to Insta first and then when I get the time for admin, I’ll add it to my website

mine is not a broken image thing. They have blocked the NFT I purchased with no explanation. I am sure I bought the item from original creator of it. I was talking to him and he mentioned he have not received any response either.


I’ll continue to impatiently wait lol

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That sucks, Hopefully it gets resolved! I’ve heard discord is the best way to get ahold of them.

Really? It’s still not resolved? What’s your profile link?


The nft in question…

Oh that is crap. I’ve had to burn three recently due to errors which was shite as I think I lost about AUD$150 in the process. Might be the only way to go unfortunately :frowning: