NFT Tokens in Metamask

Hey guys,

Just wanted to know what most people were doing with their NFT tokens. So when I open my metamask and click “Collectibles” I can see all of my NFTs. In regards to security, do you all just leave your tokens in your metamask wallets? Or do you transfer each one to a more secure wallet like a desktop or hardware wallet? Also was wondering what happens in the case where I transfer all my tokens to a more secure wallet and then somebody purchases one of my NFTs on rarible? Since that token is no longer in metamask will that sale go through?(since rarible and metamask area always connected together) Thanks a lot!


Hi @NFTme,

nope. If you transfer your NFT to a more secure wallet, you won’t be able to sell it anymore. Anyway, the transfer will be considered by Rarible as a selling and it will disappear from your page.

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@Sheratan That helps a lot! Thanks so much :+1: