NFT trading cards


I am very new to Rarible and I can’t seem to find a way to create the idea that I have in mind. I’m trying to make two collections of 720 cards that will be sold in a pack of 15 random cards. Is there a way to do this as someone who is not professional?


Hi @Mizardo

It’s unfortunately impossible to agglomerate several NFTs in pack. However, you can randomize card by presenting a similar cover for each NFT, then unlock the true card once bought.

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So does that mean there would be one “mystery” NFT for each item that will always be that particular NFT? Or can I make it so the “mystery” NFT will randomly choose one from the collection?

Also, my collection is very large at over 1000 NFTs. Will ERC-1155 be able to support it or will Rarible collection suffice?

In fact it won’t be random. Just the buyer won’t know what he buy

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Hi @Sheraton,
How give do you make it a ‘mystery’ NFT?
And what all is hidden with a mystery NFT? I’m assuming the content, title, and attributes. Can we also hide the number of copies?


Hi @Mizardo
You must create a NFT with unlock able content. The unlocked content is the true image. No you can’t hide the number of copies.

And when you do that it asks for a digital key or link. That’s where I get confused. Not sure how to make it so that they will then have the NFT image. With how its set up it seems like they will then have access to just any old image.

Am I missing something?
Thanks @Sheratan. Really appreciate it.

In fact, ,you will mint the verso of the card. The recto will be the unlockable content.