NFT Viewing Issues

Running into an odd issue and was wondering if anyone else has experienced it as well or knows the fix.

Recently participated in the mint for the new Degenerated collection and am having an issue with the image updating in certain scenarios.

Before the penguins were revealed the “D” was used as a placeholder image but it never updated under My Items on Rarible (in my browser at least)

Some notes:

  • The NFTs are viewable normally on my OpenSea profile
  • I have tried refreshing the OpenSea metadata
  • In Chrome I tried clearing my cookies and cached images
  • One of them I purchased (vs minted myself) number 2216 is visible to me but it’s not a consistent purchase vs mint issue because I also purchased 1256 in the image above and that is having the image issue

When I go onto the NFT page the image loads though:

And when I view my profile in Safari everything is all viewable there:

So everything is a bit all over the place here. Not sure if it’s a Chrome issue, a Rarible site issue, or an NFT issue. Saying everything is working fine on OpenSea I’m less inclined to think it’s an NFT issue but unsure.

If anyone wants to check my profile and see if the view is working normally for them here is the link:

Appreciate any help!

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I’ve tried chrome and brave and they’re all the same as your view; I’ll give a look at on Android


Thanks Smart! Really appreciate it

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Same on Android I’m afraid

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I had something similar happen with the project Chunky Cow Club Tour, only the opposite. They wouldn’t load on OpenSea but I could see the revealed NFT here on Rarible. In that case nothing was “wrong” just had to wait it out and it fixed itself.