Niche Art...Beginner's Luck or Nightmare?

Allow me to preface this post with two main points; I have zero desire to change my art style unless I become inspired to do so, and I really enjoy content-rich conversation that adds value to the community.

Having stated that, I would love to read the various thoughts from the Rarible community on the topic of niche art from a beginner artist. It appears that if an artist produces NFT art that is too niche without a following, then they’d be wasting money on gas fees. On the flip side, if an artist broadens their NFT art creations to appeal to more collectors, then they may be sacrificing their style.

I’ve written sporadically for the majority of my life. I have also created art pieces at the same frequency as my writings. The NFT industry has encouraged me to get my creations out in the world, instead of keeping them tucked away in countless notebooks and sketchpads. The reasons for offering my creations to the NFT world are a mix of the following; low barrier of entry, ability to control my work style and quantity, participating on the forefront of an incredible technology, and (let’s be real) potential for profits.

My motivation of this post brings me back on track to the question for the community - does minting NFT artwork that is too niche (such as my digital art poetry or cryptogrins) make sense financially and timewise? Or, is it a big waste of time and money to create something that very little to nobody will actually see?

*Also, I received an email from Rarible a few weeks ago congratulating me on becoming verified, but my account states that my verification was declined - I’m staying patient and I know this is a topic for another post!

**BTW, love many of the NFTs I’ve seen on Rarible!



I was told I was not verified due to missing cover photo, but that by clicking the link would put me back in the queue so probably just a bit backed up. patience is a virtue :slight_smile:

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My first attempt at verification was denied due to the same thing, no cover photo. I added my cover photo and logo, then resubmitted verification and received the congrats email. Hopefully, it’s just a waiting game from here. Totally agree with you…patience is a virtue. Good luck!

I think niche anything always has the potential to be drawn to the periphery. Directors, musicians, authors etc…on the other hand some go to develop a cult-following.

To be honest I don’t think anybody can tell you how the whole thing might fair for you. You might spend 2 years in here and get zilch appreciation for your niche art. Or who knows, the same niche art might draw a good few admirers and you might end up with a loyal following.

Oddly enough, I think the most successful are the ones who manage to strike a balance and combine their own style with the more conventional styles. Anyway that you could do that?

(To be honest you might sacrifice your style and do something more conventional and after two years find that your art has gone completely unappreciated.)

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No cover photo here too :expressionless: Link to re-apply was broken and it’s been a while since then :slight_smile:

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Great input, @artzero!

I agree that there is a great deal of uncertainty in regards to gaining a following, and subsequently making a sale. You also bring up a good point in combining a balance between personal style and conventional styles. I think this is key if an artist is trying to make an income with NFT.

As for me, I really enjoy writing, creating digital art, and combining them both from time to time. And, I’ve done all of these things way before I learned about NFTs. I most likely won’t change my style too much, unless something drastic happens in my life that inspires me. I’d like to think that some of my work will get sold, but if not, then so be it. I got a ton of satisfaction by actually minting two of my pieces!

Thank you for the thoughts and discussion, @artzero! Take care!

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No problem and best of luck! :grinning:

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