Nick C does art

I had recently bought a collectible off of an account called Nick C does art. (

Long story short Nick had simply been putting his name in the corner of Tomasz Woźniakowski’s work. (

A few days ago his account disappeared after myself and others that had been scammed by him had reported him. I had paid .2 Eth for the collectible, and just thought I’d come here to ask about the likelihood of getting my funds back? Is there a way that I could get them or did Nick C. get away red handed?

I just don’t understand why anyone would want to steal someone else’s work and claim it as their own especially on the internet. Sorry you lost all the Eth.

Thank you for the kind words. I did recently post a governance request with a solution to this problem, I believe it would help solve the scammer problem. Here’s the link

Unfortunately it’s unlikely anything about this can be resolved unless through civil claims court. Transactions on Ethereum are public and peer to peer.

Therefore, not much for you to use against a scammer because you were apart of a transaction between two parties with no middle man.

The only thing that you can really use is the addresses involved in the transactions and hopefully have evidence linking those addresses to the person you are talking about. And then prove that you were a victim of a scam. But this is the internet so I wish you luck in retrieving your funds.

But the reality is your have been the victim of a scam most likely and there is virtually nothing you can do. Just like in real life.