Not showing up on Top Sellers list?

Howdy! I’ve sold about 3 ETH worth of NFTs in the last 24 hours but I’m not showing up in the top sellers list. Is there a reason? Do the things have to be sold in Rarible collection to show up? Thanks!


If you leave a link to your profile we can give a more precise answer.

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There may be a delay of 1-2 days in the list of bestsellers or bestsellers.

Hm okay! For my initial sales on the platform there wasn’t much of a delay, but it was nice to see me in the top sellers list :slight_smile: I really like this platform!


Hi and welcome among us @billym2k

As @roy42 said, there must be a delay as the site is really encountering some bugs those days.

Hm okay! I just get worried I was like blacklisted or something, that’d make me sad :sob:


No, I don’t think so, don’t worry.
It’s a pleasure to see you there :slight_smile:
Maye yourself comfortable and share whatever you want with us :smiley:

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Btw, congrats on your sales!
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