Odd error when lowering prices

Hi, appreciate the community here and I have an unexpected issue occur that I wanted to ask the community about. So, I’ve never had any problems with lowering prices, and having my NFTs change order on my page, with my latest listing posting at the top, which is great - and they of course post on the explore section of the main page.

However, today I noticed that my NFTs won’t update or change order on my page, and also they will not update on the explore main page - they do not appear there (though, strangely, 2 or 3 of them would, but not those anymore either). They do however appear in my activity feed after I lower the prices - and I am making sure to lower the price low enough that they are “pushed to the top.” But, not only are they not pushed to the top on my page, they don’t even appear on the explore main page.

Was wondering if anybody had experienced this as well or has an insight? I thought it might be just a temporary bug, but as of now it is still not working correctly. Thank you for your time and assistance.


yes, same here. since yesterday


Follow up - I have heard back from Rarible and there apparently has been an update that NFTs will only be allowed to be moved to the top of the list once every 24 hours, to keep the system fair. Makes sense, good to know.


Ah! Thank you @colorfulpollution for that information! Is it per NFT 24 hours? Or can you lower a price for only one of all your NTFs 24 hours?


I believe it is for each NFT individually, each having its own NFT 24 hour clock.


I addressed this issue on another post yesterday.

I confirm what @colorfulpollution said.


My NFTs seem to randomly update or change order when I lower the price.
The last few days I have lowered the price on several of my pieces more than the required limit and noting happens. They were all pieces that have been the same price for way more than 24hours.
However, I changed the price on one piece .002 and it shot up right to the top of my listings.
I feel like there must be a glitch that needs to be worked out.
Is anyone else having this same issue?

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