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Hi everyone and good morning.
I am a huge comic fan so my work reflects the card trading aspect.

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@Dany I matched your follow and raised you 2 likes!!! haha seriously like the lovely cats and the Last of art works!!!

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Uh…really thanks…if you make a bid covered the gas fee i send one at you :slightly_smiling_face:

WOW Thanks @Dany I sent you gas cost via transfer !

Hi everyone, hope everybody is having a good day, Heres a link to my profile I follow everyone

Hey Guys! We are new here, just dropped our first NFTs at Would love it if you could follow us and give us a like, we will of course return the favour, keen to build up our profile and happy to help out in return of course :slight_smile:

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I’ll follow and like back :slight_smile:

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