Others having this issue?

Hi All,

NFT’s just gone/no longer appearing(3)!

I have been on Rarible regularly (5-6 times a week) since April 2021. Never encountered this issue. Recently, I have not been able to spend time on the platform (past few weeks). A few days ago, I came onto the platform to discover 3 of my 18 minted tokens are simply gone. CREATED still shows as 18, but only 15 are visible. 2 of the 3 missing were minted back in April…Never any issues with all 18 created. Tried problem solving. Refreshed/restarted comp/re-logged in with wallet/cleared cookies/ etc. Then thought perhaps they sold, and I simply missed the notification…Ha ha no such luck. Now several days later, and still no trace of them. Contacted support, yet to hear back.


“Activity” (proof)displays the minting/listing from months ago. Just odd, and can’t determine why this would occur. Any info/opinions would be appreciated.


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Example of 1 that is missing.
I am sure there is an explanation. I’m just not getting it.

This bug looks like spreading through the platform. Some of the mines disappeared as well. You can check your wallet address with Try Showtime, you have all of your NFTs in the wallet: https://tryshowtime.com/0x4d7d960252eedd37b7d73c6915da37ba8c99bb69?list=created


Wasn’t aware of that site. Thanks! Yes, all there.
Discouraging to pay to mint/list on the Rarible platform, then not remain visible. I can see this issue upsetting a lot of people that would/could have nft’s that are in demand/potentially selling. They better get this fixed asap. Doesn’t reflect well for Rarible. Was planning to mint a collection in the near future(working on it). Not feeling confident about spending the money to do it now.
Thanks again for the reply


Hello @Duch
Many wallet are not recognized or dysfunctional. i was advised to migrate to metamask by the Rarible team.


Hey Sheratan…I have been using metamask from the start.


This is an issue many users have encountered since the most recent update. The Rarible Team is aware of it. And I’m sure they will get this issue fixed soon. :+1:


I contacted support team and for now all my NFTs are back :slight_smile: I attached all links to the wrongly displayed arts and they are visible already. Try to contact them as well.

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I contacted support a few days back. This morning I now have 1 of the 3 visible. I now know this isn’t simply an issue with my account. Rather, a platform bug of some sort.
Glad to hear your nft’s are now being displayed Trimaliny


I had the same issue with 2 of my NFTs. One ‘came back’ already, the other one is still missing. Thank you for contacting the rarible team - I guess they know about this problem now and this issue will be fixed in a couple of days…


That’s Good to here :+1:


I received this message through the support email:

This issue occasionally happens and can be fixed by liking and unliking the NFT in question.

I didn’t try it because they already solved my problem by themselves maybe it could be helpful for someone else.

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