Our First Minted Item Looks BURNED

Hello there

We wanted to sell our first NFT on rarible. We made all the adjustments and paid the $100 eth mint fee and listed it. Our currently listed NFT seems to have been burned for no reason. There have been people who had this problem in the rarible forum on the Internet, and when they reached technicians, their problems were resolved.

Why did this problem occur?

I connected with Rarible technicians, they said this issue is a bug and it will resolve in a short time, but 11 days have passed. We would definitely not have shared our NFT from Rarible if we had known that such a problem could occur.

Can you answer with honesty? Will this problem be resolved? And when?

Thank you!

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Our problem was not resolved even 10 days after we contacted the support team. We paid quite a lot of mint money. If it won’t be solved, our mint money should be returned. Because it’s all Rarible’s fault.

yeah that definitely sucks and I know a few people have been having a similar problem

a couple of very important points to note though

1: the gas fee doesn’t go to Rarible, it goes to someone completely off platform so it’s always a false hope requesting a refund;
2: I get you’ve been patient, but these platforms are relatively new in terms of user weight so bugs and problems will occur as the platform tries to level up to demand; so, the best you can do is not stress about it, work with the attitude that this happens and that it WILL resolve itself. You’ve already paid so please, try and relax with it - you only hurt yourself if you don’t

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Hi and welcome among us @bermn0110

Check on OpenSea if you can find your NFT.

AS @SMARTPopArtist said, it will resolve by itself but it can take a lot of time.

I wish you the best here :four_leaf_clover:

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Hello again.

I know rarible didn’t get the Mint fees, but Rarible is the reason this mint fee went bust. If they had informed us that such a bug could occur, then we would have known that such a risk existed. Rarible must take responsibility for this problem that it is experiencing with its potential customers. If they can’t solve the problem, they should cover our financial losses.

We chose rarible because of its clearly strong infrastructure. Rarible must have solved such a problem by now. That was our expectation as users.

The gas fees depends on the number of transactions on the blockchain and the ETH rate so, I guess Rarible is not responsible for them as they do not earn a penny on them.

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hello, again

conversely you should be responsible for your actions and stop trying to make others responsible; that is, if you had done your research, like others have on this platform, then you would have learned there were problems and acted accordingly

it’s a pisser this is happening and your solution is to have patience otherwise you will harm yourself psychologically; you can choose to ignore this advice because it’s only you that will get hurt if you do

some of us, myself included, lost hundreds of dollars at the beginning because we rushed in and did our research only after learning of (not from, of) our mistakes - this now applies to you with the caveat that you actually haven’t lost any money - you’ve lost only your patience :man_shrugging:

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It is out of place and silly for you to make a suggestion like “if you had done a little research, you wouldn’t have made such a mistake”. First of all, is it my fault? Lol! So you’re saying that when posting any NFT on one of the world’s most well-known NFT publishing sites, I had to go to the forum and read all the posts, and act accordingly? This is pretty illogical.

On these sites, let alone, people who don’t speak English, 10 year olds share their nfts. If they had experienced such a thing, how would they seek their rights?

Could you say to them in the same way, “You should have done your research because Rarible is a problematic site, and the hundreds of dollars you paid for mint may disappear because of nothing”?

This is ridiculous.

It doesn’t matter whether rarible is making the money or not to be responsible for this fee. Even if the money is paid to the eth system, this payment is paid by the customer to broadcast NFT over Rarible. So is NFT running? No.

After all, I didn’t pay for the air. I had a purpose and my purpose was not fulfilled because of Rarible. I have provided all kinds of conditions requested. Because of the site, my NFT was not published, and I was embarrassed by the date I told my customers.

The customer is always right. Please do not forget this. The site urgently needs to fix this problem.

And what about sharing a link to your profile? It may help a little to figure out what’s wrong.

Is your item still “burnt”? Did you check etherscan?

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I did check but didn’t see anything.

Was your NFT called “lost in the matrix”?



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Your NFT is not burnt. It’s just a vizualisation bug from Rarible.

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Rarible Technicians said the same thing. They’re trying to solve this bug, but they sait they need a long time. Actually, everything would be better if we were given an exact date.

I’m sure it would be easier, however, new technoloigies are capricious and we have to adapt, even when it’s frustrating.

You minted it 14 days and 2 hours ago, am i right?

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Yes. Minted 2 weeks ago. Contacted with Rarible Support 10 days ago.

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So you just have to wait, although it’s inconvenient.

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good grief; I say “there are no bad words, but there are words used badly”

please be civil on this forum - we are all users like yourself; there are so many things wrong with your statement that I feel it is not up to me to do your research for you and nor is it up to me to correct the wrongs you’ve said here (which is a lot btw)

be an adult, behave like an adult - do your own research and good luck with everything :slight_smile: