Paid $80 gas fees, sign sell order fails

I just paid $80 gas fees, but the last step ‘Sign sell order
Sign sell order using your wallet’ fails. After this pages refreshes and everything is gone.

Have I just lost the fees on a technical issue here? Any help?

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SAME except for me the error was on the minting step. Null error. Deducted Eth. No listing. WTF.

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That sounds like a potential wallet issue. Sometimes wallets cannot create a sign order if the wallet does not support gasless transactions.

I’ve had the issue too, but it was my fault for using the custom settings to lowball my gas amount. The minting ran out of gas essentially.

Now, I just keep refreshing the mining cost screen until it drops the ‘normal’ mining cost. It changes so rapidly that you can likely catch a deal after a while…

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