Payment gone through, 'purchasing' still flashing


Someone purchased my NFT, I’m in communication with them. Their payment was transferred to my wallet but ‘purchasing’ is still flashing and it hasn’t gone into their collection.

I have the ‘cancel sale’ option but that’s a last resort and not sure what will happen to the funds he’s already deposited. Tried to transfer token to his address but it tried charging me $3000!

Edit- It shows up as ‘owned’ by the new owner on opensea, but ‘purchasing’ still idling on rarible.

Any solutions?

I think i saw someone having similar issues , should do a search on topics , to follow up

I did do a search, and did find similar problems, but none of them had solutions.

Basically the crux of the problem is-
-payment received by me
-NFT indicated as being owned by the new buyer when he looks on opensea
-but ‘purchasing’ still idling on rarible and ownership hasn’t changed hands.

Sounds like a cross post , did you check opensea , maybe u have to accept in there

That’s just odd. This transaction was solely done through rarible. Not sure why opensea would be involved. But I will check regardless.

…aaand the sale has gone through. All good now. Thanks for your help. Problem solved.

I had that problem once when I purchased NFT, but it eventually went through, congrats on sale!